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Speak with Attorney LaRue About Drafting a Legally Binding Will

Perhaps the greatest tool individuals have to provide for their families in the long term is a legally binding will. With the assistance of our experienced attorney, residents of Ohio and West Virginia can draft a will and pass on assets to their families in the event of death. Many people think they can draft an effective will online, but without the assistance of an experience attorney, a will may not fully function. Attorney LaRue can help you through the entire process, from the drafting stage through probate. Life is too short to not have adequate preparation, so do not hesitate.

Call David A. LaRue, Attorney at Law, today at (740) 284-1000 or contact us online for more information about establishing a will or other estate planning matters.

Ensure Your Estate Planning Wishes with a Trust

A valuable option for estate planning is establishing a trust. Utilizing a trust allows Ohio and West Virginia residents to manage their property through a fiduciary relationship both during and after their life. With a trust in place, an individual can legally transfer property to a trustee and allow that trustee to manage the property for a predetermined amount of time. The trustee takes on the responsibility of transferring or handling property, including real estate, finances, and more. To find out more about how establishing a trust can help local residents, speak with David LaRue, Attorney at Law, today. We work with individuals and families in the Ohio Valley, including areas like:

Jefferson County, OH
Mingo Junction
Harrison County, OH
Belmont County, OH
St. Clairsville
Martins Ferry

Columbiana County, OH

East Liverpool

Brooke County, WV
Hancock County, WV

Ask Our Estate Planning Attorney About Powers of Attorney & Living Wills

While residents of the Steubenville area have legal tools to defend their property, they also have several tools when it comes to their healthcare. One way is the use of power of attorney, which can apply to health care, as well as to legal or financial matters. Utilizing power of attorney allows individuals to designate someone they trust with the ability to make decisions on their behalf in the event of incapacitation. Another way to ensure the best results in dire health situations is through an advance healthcare directive, or living will. This option allows an individual in Steubenville or St. Clairsville, OH, to state their healthcare wishes in a legally binding document for these severe health situations. To learn more about powers of attorney or living wills, call attorney David LaRue today.

Speak with Attorney David A. LaRue About Estate Planning Representation

When it comes to estate planning, nobody in the Ohio Valley has the qualifications to handle specific situations like David A. LaRue, Attorney at Law. With more than three decades of experience as an estate planning attorney, David LaRue has been serving clients in Ohio, West Virginia’s Northern Panhandle, and Western Pennsylvania.

LaRue provides efficient and effective service to all who walk through his door, and can work with families on estate planning issues. Give us a call or visit us in person on Sunset Boulevard in Steubenville.