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David A. LaRue, Attorney at Law, Works for Disabled Veterans in OH & WV

Those who have served our country and suffered injuries deserve benefits from the VA. Unfortunately, sometimes receiving VA benefits is not as easy as it should be for these honorable veterans. This is where attorney David LaRue can provide assistance and fight for the benefits veterans deserve. We provide consultations and representation to aid our veterans in applying for benefits and receiving what they have earned for their service. If you or a loved one served in the military and suffered an injury, give our law office a call today for a veteran benefits consultation.

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How Do I Know if I Qualify for Veteran Benefits from the VA?

It is difficult for many people to understand veteran benefits and how to become eligible for them. Since 2008, Attorney LaRue has provided three decades of experience in veteran benefits representation and has guided clients through a variety of situations. Anyone who has served the United States for a minimum of 90 days and at least one day of wartime may be eligible for VA disability benefits. Our attorney examines your entire matter and lets you know whether or not there is a case for veteran benefits. Give us a call today for more information on VA benefit eligibility. We serve clients in the following areas:

Jefferson County, OH
Mingo Junction
Harrison County, OH
Belmont County, OH
St. Clairsville
Martins Ferry

Columbiana County, OH

East Liverpool

Brooke County, WV
Hancock County, WV

What Kinds of Benefits Can Veterans Become Eligible For?

There are certain benefits that injured or disabled veterans and their dependents can receive when applicable. Some of these include compensations, health care benefits, pensions, and home loan guarantee benefits. Attorney David A. LaRue can help veterans become eligible for benefits like these, and others such as compensation benefits and burials. We fight for our veterans and work hard to ensure they get the benefits they deserve from the VA. Veterans in the Ohio Valley and Northern Panhandle can speak with attorney LaRue today to find out more about potential benefits and eligibility.

Learn More About Veteran Benefits Near You at Our Steubenville Office

Veterans and their families are always welcome at our law office near you on Sunset Boulevard in Steubenville, OH. We offer consultations in person and over the phone for veterans from throughout the Ohio Valley, Northern Panhandle, and Western PA regions. We give honest and open counsel about the viability of VA claims and work diligently to help you attain those benefits if we determine you have a case. Steubenville-area residents owe a great deal to veterans and our law office makes sure they do not get left behind. Get the VA benefits you deserve. Give us a call today for more information.